Pepi de Boissieu runs a creative studio in which food is the central axis. She uses design and art to create made-to-measure food installations and eating experiences.

    Food is a powerful communication tool and at the same time a medium for generating experiences. Content primordial and the regard of in-depth cultural research is crucial for each project. This studio is passionate about the appreciation of food's quality, origin, esthetics, history and its crafts.

    Food-centred actions can help people relate to each other, question their reality, and also simply get in good spirits, marveling at the unexpected, while eating or drinking. Something that is finally a part of our daily lives.”


"La Maison des Carrés"
April, 2015

Project by Pepi de Boissieu
Art direction and production assistant

Photos by Coke Bartrina

“Every year Hermès creates a concept, around which the brand will work throughout all their projects.
The concept of the lunch was a journey along the Silk Road's gastronomy.   Since Hermès
in now buying its silk in Brazil, everything had a Brazilian twist.”