Buenos Aires, February 2018.

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Photo Martina Keenan


“Multitude Attitude is a film by Sofía Alazraki, an Argentinian art and film director based in Barcelona.   Formed as an art historian, she currently runs a multi format research on gender variants, where she translates her theorical background into visual language. 

Inspired in Judith Buttler’s approach to gender as a performance, it’s questioned as something you are “born as” and understood as something built upon a context, a social practice based on repetition.  It’s a non binary perspective, relating identity to multiplicity, constructed with aspects of different gender associations within ourselves.  Observed in stereotypes and generic norms, performative gender is the way we behave, act, talk and move based on what we learned and identify with.”

STARRING Nina Von Quintiero

DOP Vera Fernandez
EDIT & COLOR Eliseo H. Zurbiri
MUSIC Stefano Mascardi
ART DIRECTION Sofia Alazraki & Pablo Manrique
PHOTOGRAPHY Martina Keenan
STYLING Mayte Estevani & Joaquín Diaz
HAIR & MAKE UP Marianela Fidalgo for HerLab.
GRAPHIC DESIGN Matteo Guarnaccia

SPECIAL THANKS to Clarisa & Ezequiel

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